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Welcome to JLD Books


It is our desire to introduce you to books that will help you in all facets of your life. These books are of great value when establishing your home, raising children, striving to know more about healthy living, and enhancing your spiritual growth. You will be able to select from a variety of information sources that fit your specific needs and interests.

As you look thru the large selection of books available to build your library, you may recognize the blue "Bible Story" books that are usually in doctor's offices waiting rooms.
John & I were raised in homes that gave us the benefit of "The Bible Story" books as well as "Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories".  We still recall some of the character building lessons from our childhood.  Because these books had such a positive influence in our lives, we made sure that these same libraries were available to our children.  "My Bible Friends", "Great Stories for Kids" and "True Stories" have all been compiled and published in the last few years addressing issues that children face in today's world. 
The "Family Medical Guide" is constantly being updated in order to have the latest medical information available and answers questions on health issues from infant to adult. "From Adolescent to Adult" contains invaluable family materials about challenges faced as children mature.
You will also benefit greatly from the books on lifestyle changes and recipe books to assure that these changes are easy to institute into your life.
There is a complete adult library available that will help you grow in your spiritual walk with God, and the "Family Bible" will provide easy access to any scripture questions you may have and insures that important family milestones are kept in one location for future generations.
You will find that this collection of books is a complete family library which will be much more valuable than TV's and/or DVD's.  This is an investment that you will never regret.

There are links above that show which books would be appropriate for each member of your family or source of information. There are books for every age of growth, both physical as well as your walk with God. We pray a blessing on you and your families as you enjoy these volumes.

If you are looking to build a stronger relationship with God, then these books are going to be a great reference. From reference Bibles to Bible stories for kids, our books are an easy way to renew your relationship with God and live a more Christian life.

While you are building a relationship, it is nice to have study Bibles to reference. Many times, they will answer some of the questions that you have. The premium Bible study book does not just answer questions, but also helps you ask more questions. Learning about the Prophets and Kings throughout the Old and New Testaments has never been more fun and exciting than it is now! These Bible stories preschool books are easy for preschoolers to understand. They are designed to be short and detailed enough to keep their attention.

Another great resource is The Desire of Ages by Ellen White. This book will provide you with a modern approach to learning and building your relationship with God.

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