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Variety of soft cover books that are magazine size.  Condensed versions of many of the children and family books as well as cookbooks.




Jesus Friend of ChildrenThe life of Jesus from His birth to His ascension into heaven. For children ages 4 and up. Full color illustrations. Taken from The Bible Story series.
StorytimeThe thirty engaging stories in this book are character-building classics. Drawn from many sources, these tried-and-true stories will reinforce the values you want your children to learn.
Bible Heroes19 stories from the lives of the great men and women of the Old Testament. Illustrated in full color. Taken from The Bible Story series. For ages 4 and older.
Secret KeysSecret Keys is a multi-cultural storybook containing a mixture of character building stories from the lives of well-known Christians, Bible characters, and children like themselves
Fun With Kids in the Kitchen CookbookHealthy, Kid-Tested Recipes These scrumptious vegetarian recipes get kids excited about healthful eating. They'll learn to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods such as Vegetable Robots, and Super Stone Soup.
More ChoicesThis book offers more than 120 meatless recipes that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less. It includes a nutrition and lifestyle healthy weight plan for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and health
Seven Secrets CookbookLose weight, lower cholesterol, reverse diabetes and enjoy delicious food at the same time. Once you learn the seven secrets, you'll be creating vegetarian meals so delicious that you'll forget they are healthy.
The Optimal DietThe official CHIP cookbook CHIP, the Coronary Health Improvement Project, is a successful lifestyle intervention program. More than 40,000 people have enjoyed the results of attending this world-class program.
Dynamic LivingA new version of the book formerly called "Lifestyle Capsules". Sections include: Health Outlook, Lifestyle Diseases, Weight Control, Understanding Food, Emotional Health, and Natural Remedies.
Foods that HealIt presents the nutritional value of foods that benefit different parts of the body such as the eyes, nerves, heart, stomach, liver, and much more.
Plants that HealIt teaches how to prepare teas and fomentations and use the plants that benefit the nerves, throat, heart, arteries, veins, intestines, and much more.
He Taught LoveThe author shows how the parables that Jesus taught are just as relevant for Christians today as they were when Jesus walked on this earth.
Happiness DigestWhen happiness seems beyond your reach and problems weigh you down, where do you turn? Millions of people have found the answer in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
God's Answers to Your QuestionsThis quick reference to Bible study is arranged around 24 topics, in an easy-to-study format.
THE DESIRE OF AGESHere is a book that vividly takes you through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This classic has been a source of inspirationand enlightenment to millions of readers around the world.
THE GREAT CONTROVERSYThis one-of-a-kind book includes excerpts from 26 important chapters of a classic by the same name.It zooms in on the great conflict between good and evil just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.

Books can take up a lot of room! That is what makes these Magabooks such a popular choice. These books are about the size of the magazine, making them convenient and easy to store or bring with you anywhere. We have several different books to choose from including the Condensed Children books, Condensed Cookbooks, Foods and Their Healing Power as well as books about plants that heal. Each of these books is condensed, which accounts for their smaller size. You will love the shorter stories, as they will still provide you with all the essential details of a regular sized story.

Take advantage of the Secrets of Success Cookbook and start cooking different meals for you and your family. The Secret Cookbooks are a great choice as their small design allows them to easily to be stored in your kitchen without misplacing any current items or taking up too much space.

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