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The Bible Story


I have personally found "The Bible Story" series to be very responsible in portraying the authentic stories found in the Bible. Each chapter includes the Bible books, chapters and verses from which the story is taken, as well as many quotations throughout the story itself and appropriate footnotes at the end.

My girls, ages 5 and 8 are riveted by the stories and beautiful pictures (the paper and binding quality is first class and the illustrations are truly works of art). This is our second reading of these books and the girls can't get enough, always asking for "just one more story!" They ask such amazing questions about God, human destiny, evil, the afterlife, etc. that shows the stories are sinking in. Many stories also include a moral application at the end, encouraging the children to draw strength from the story for their lives.

I must warn that these books will not hold the attention span of most active preschoolers; at least our 2.5 year old boy has a hard time focusing. Also, these books are NOT a replacement for the Bible. I encourage my 8-year-old to read her kids' Study Bible regularly for personal devotions; but for family time, "The Bible Story" series has been a true heaven sent for our family. I highly recommend this for yours too!




My parents had a set (10 volumes) of "The Bible Story", in our bookshelf at home. I cannot count the times I took down a volume just to look at the pictures. The pictures, which are for the most part excellent, and some works of art, speak as loud as the words, and will spark discussions with your children.

There are 10 volumes in the set (mine are hardbound), and each volume covers a particular epoch of the Bible. Starting with Volume 7, the Life of Christ is depicted. Volume 10 covers the Second Coming and Revelation. The set is truly a masterpiece of literature for children, for the stories are simple to understand and the pictures add to the narrative immensely. There has been nothing to compare to these volumes since they were published.

Some reviewers have been critical of this series as it fails to tell the "whole story" or has a definite slant in terms of religious philosophy. I disagree strongly. The series was written for children. Children are not ready for all the grit and tragedy that is in our Holy Book. The book series is not meant to be a comprehensive "tell-all" of each Bible story. Rather, the books lay out the backbone outline of the Bible story. It lays a foundation for future study. As far as religious slant, my opinion is that these books are very generic in presenting the story of Christian faith. I do not see a slant to any particular religion or belief.

If you have children and want to teach them the basics of the Bible, then these volumes are priceless in introducing your youngsters to the faith. I cannot sing their praises enough.




My Bible Friends


I have fond memories of these books in my own childhood, and over the years have purchased several sets, both to give away as gifts and use in ministry with kids. The illustrations are generally excellent (with just a few minor quibbling exceptions). The text, though somewhat too childish in places, is fine for young ones, and when I've used this in children's ministry I've tended to just ad-lib anyway and use the illustrations as visual aids. Well worth the investment.

Book One
Baby Moses
Baby Jesus
Joseph's New Coat
Joseph and His Brothers

Book Two
Jesus and the Storm
Jesus and the Children
Samuel, the Little Priest
David, the Youngest Boy (my least favorite illustrations)

Book Three
Go Wash in the River (Naaman and Elisha)
Elijah and the Time of No Rain
A Room and a Boy (Elisha and the Shunammite Woman's Son)
Barley Loaves and Fishes (Jesus Feeding 5000)

Book Four
Joash, the Boy King
Esther, the Brave Queen
When God Washed the World (Noah and the Flood)
The Borrowed Ax (Elisha and the Floating Axe head)

Book Five
Daniel and His Friends
Daniel and the Lions
Zacchaeus the Cheater
Jabel the Shepherd (extra-biblical, but a great illustration of a shepherd's life)


This is the most important purchase you can make for your child. It is in the early years that their faith in God is formed. These books are very well written, they have full sized realistic color pictures on EVERY page. The pages are semi-card stock, which makes them very durable against tears. The cover, also, is very high quality - resistant against kids. These books are written with rhythm and repetition so they will help your child learn faster. I am now looking to buy my 3 month old son a set. You will also enjoy Uncle Arthur's "Bedtime Stories" and Arthur Maxwell's "The Bible Story".







Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

If you have ever doubted that God takes a hand directly in the lives of children, or that he tramples out the grapes of wrath among them, or that punishment for greed and vanity is swift, sure, inevitable and irrevocable, or that compassion is like a great, warm mother, read Uncle Arthur. His stories have the power to rivet children to the spot. They know he is talking about them. Each story is a moral or Biblical lesson entire. For example, Johann is driven out of the house into the snow on Christmas Eve by "an angry and brutal stepfather." Turned away from fine, large houses, where do you think he finds unquestioning and loving mercy? The cottage of a poor old woman. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My children..."





My grandmother bought these books for me in the early 1950's (red book edition) and I learned most of my ethical and moral principles from them. They are simply the greatest gift of moral teaching anyone could give to a young person!


Dr. Ron


Tired of wasting that important bedtime story time reading stories devoid of moral values, life lessons, or reality? you need these books. They are a refreshing breath of fresh air in an area where the mass media teaches parents to be friends instead of parents. Backbone values like telling the truth, kindness, hard work, obedience to parents, turning the other cheek, timeliness, respect for authority, faith in God, and kindness to animals, humility, responsibility and honor are taught through real life stories. My kids still beg to be read these stories. I didn't think they had that much effect until I overheard them planning to do a "secret package company" (do a good deed for somebody in need anonymously) and to react to a nasty kid at school by "heaping coals of fire onto him". (Being sincerely nice to him anyway) Boy was I proud...

Two caveats: These were written in the thirties. The politically "correct" may not like some of the generalizations that were the norm in the day these were written. (Didn't bother me - I explained this to the kids) Second, these are real stories, not "superheros" or purple dinosaurs. The stories are of everyday life. They reflect reality. Some modern parents try to protect their kids from learning about reality. (People lose jobs, some are hungry, pets and people die, some people are uncaring, that sort of thing) Again, I think it's important for kids to learn about reality.

More parents should read Uncle Arthur books to their kids.







Great Stories for Kids

“Thank you so much for shipping me “Great Stories for Kids” by Jerry D. Thomas, volumes one through five.


Children seem to go to what they need and your books fill that bill remarkably well.


Two days in my waiting room and already two kids brought the books along with them into my office and told me about the stories they read and how these stories pertained to them (one child has a severe stutter, the other an incest survivor/victim).


Your books have already done what I suspected they would do…help break down barriers of sensitive and troubling issues that children need to talk about if healing is to occur.  And because the children who find their way to me do so because of horrific childhoods, sometimes their first instinct is to treat others in like manner.  Your books, I suspect, will further serve to teach them through storytelling, appropriate behaviors as they re-build their shattered young lives.


Again, many thanks.


Niki, A.R.N.P.”




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