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Family Books


The family library offers books that are appropriate for toddlers thru adults.  They will help you get a clearer picture of who God is as well as what He has done to assure salvation and eternal life for all who accept it. 

The Bible Story
was written to follow the Bible from Genesis thru Revelation on a level that children can understand and learn from. One story a day and two on the weekend, your family will have read the complete Bible through in one year.
My Bible Friends is a set of books written especially for toddlers. 
The Bedtime Stories books give you the character building lessons for young children up thru early teen years.
Great Stories for Kids is abundant in valuable life lessons that will encourage, strengthen, and shape your child's character and future for years to come.
Champions of Faith are stories of heroes in the Bible that are a great example for your children to try to emulate.
The Bible Reference Library is an in depth study that was assembled especially for teens and adults to enlighten them on Bible teachings from Genesis thru Revelation.
The God Cares 2 Vol. set goes into detail to give us a clear understanding about the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation of the Bible.  
Which of these book sets will be right for your family?  Read on . . .
The Bible StoryThe Bible Story, those famous blue books that are the most complete and accurate set of children's Bible stories you can find anywhere. We also provide Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, Great Stories for Kids, My Bible Friends,
My Bible FriendsRichly illustrated and beautifully written, these books are definitely the premium set of Bible stories for younger children. • Written especially for preschool children ages 1 to 8 • Outstanding art fills each page opening from corner to corner
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime StoriesSometimes our children spend more time soaking up messages from television, movies, and their friends than they spend with us. How can we make the greatest impression on our children during those moments we have together?
Great Stories for KidsFor decades now "Great Stories For Kids" has been entertaining kids and their family with stories that capture both the heart and imagination of the children who listens to them
Champions of FaithFrom Adam and Eve to Christ's apostles, these captivating stories of Bible heroes will increase the faith of children of all ages and will reveal a God who can be trusted in any situation.
THE BIBLE REFERENCE LIBRARYAn inspiring story of the conflict between good and evil from how it first began until evil's final end. It provides the highest quality reading material for young adults as well as the mature Bible student
God Cares Daniel and RevelationGod Cares contains the latest research on the fascinating prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation. The author unites the most recent scholarly findings with a compassionate pen that speaks to all who search for meaning in world history and current events.
Conflict of the AgesThis classic set of five volumes spans time from before the earth's beginning to the fulfillment of God's plan for His people. Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, The Desire of Ages, The Acts of the Apostles, and The Great Controversy

One great way to bond with your family is to read books together. Books including Patriarchs and Prophets and Uncle Arthur bedtime stories are full of fun and true stories from the Bible that you and your little ones will enjoy reading.

These JLD Bible books are a great resource for you to have available in your home. Once you begin to build the ultimate Bible reference library, you and your family will have a perfect selection of Bible stories to read. Each of these stories has been specifically designed to make a perfect short story before bed. 

With computers being a daily part of everyone's lives, having Bible study tools online is a great way to make computer time educational! Your entire family can benefit from the Bible reference library online, and you will be amazed at how quickly your own Bible trivia is refreshed into your mind. We also have Spanish Bible stories available.

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